Conjure Women

“Cain and Abel were not brothers, not twins. They were...two sides of the same person, good and evil warring against its own inclinations. The same struggle was borne out in every person, over and over, from the very most beginning of time, and you could only answer for yourself which brother would win.”

Isabella Blow: A Life In Fashion

By Megan Thomas Firstly, isn’t this cover the most delightfully extra thing you’ve ever seen? Well, it’s bland compared to the vivacious woman whose life it documents. I had never heard of Isabella Blow prior to reading this biography by Lauren Goldstein Crowe - which, as I understand it, is pretty shocking for anyone with…

Milkman (Book of the Month: July 2020)

“At the time, age eighteen, having been brought up in a hair-trigger society where the ground rules were – if no physically violent touch was being laid upon you, and no outright verbal insults were being levelled at you, and no taunting looks in the vicinity either, then nothing was happening, so how could you be under attack from something that wasn’t there? At eighteen I had no proper understanding of the ways that constituted encroachment.”