Day 1: Edinburgh International Book Festival, Cocktails and Colouring

By Megan Thomas

If I ever agree to leave Edinburgh, you can be sure I will never (ever) stop talking about it (until next year’s festival). Just as a bit of a conversational-disclaimer for the future. After seeing Sue Perkins discuss her new book in the morning, I had an event called “Cocktails and Colouring In” – honestly, two of my favourite things. The event was hosted by Eilidh Muldoon and Nikki Welch.


Eilidh (pronounced ay-lee, for those like me taking phonetic notes throughout my time in Scotland because damn) is this year’s illustrator in residence for the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Her illustrations are all around the festival, on cards and brochures etc. Most notably, she has a series of colouring books based on Scotland, where you can colour in everything from Edinburgh Castle to St Andrews. She illustrated these wonderful sheets for us to colour while we engaged with Nikki Welch’s segment.

Eilidh Muldoon’s colouring books:
The Colouring Book of Scotland
The Colouring Book of Edinburgh
The Colouring Book of Glasgow


Nikki is a drinks expert, who has written a pocket book and tube-map of wine. Ultimately, she wanted to be able to draw a comprehensive map of what wines people should try based on their preferences, without needing a sommelier with them at all times (though that would be quite nice, admittedly). Her area of expertise for this event was gin, which we sipped on while colouring. She had made a delicious Earl Grey syrup to mix with a variation of Edinburgh Gins (who were sponsoring the event, praise be), and told us which tonics best suited which type of gin. My favourite was the Seaside Gin, which mixed dreamily with Mediterranean tonic.

Today at Edinburgh International Book Festival

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