By Megan Thomas

What a breath of fresh air Uncoupling was in a nationwide lockdown. Things are, well, really shit right now, and reading a funny, charming love story set in Paris was exactly what I needed while in a 10 day quarantine after flying into the UK.

The story follows Hannah, who, in the middle of the night on an overnight train to Amsterdam, decides to change carriages because it’s quieter. Little does she know, the train is set to uncouple in the early hours of the morning and she ends up in Paris while her boyfriend arrives at their intended destination of Amsterdam. But she meets Léo, someone who’s made the same mistake, who’s willing to show her what Paris has to offer in the time she has before the next train to Amsterdam…

Giving us a local’s tour of Paris and the kind of reading experience that makes you salivate in anticipation of a macaron or a crêpe, Uncoupling is both a reminder of the power of a stranger’s willingness to listen to you without expectation, as well as the power you should be able to find within yourself before outsourcing it from love interests.

I interviewed the author on Babble, check it out:

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