Acts of Desperation

By Megan Thomas

Since receiving this proof copy from Penguin last year and reading it earlier this year, it has progressively got more and more media traction and Megan Nolan is being spotlighted as one to watch this year.

Personally, I found it to be quite a difficult read and though I started it as soon as I got it, it was one I did in a few chunks with other books interspersed. This was in no way linked to its quality but rather the residual sadness that stayed with me as a result of the character’s toxic relationships – from her relationship with her body and disordered eating to her relationships with men and one in particular. The narrator’s internal dialogue exposed a brutal intensity of feeling and seemingly unyielding self-loathing, and the raw realism is striking.

The story moves us through time, pinpointing not necessarily important events but everyday experiences in the narrator’s life which display her coming to terms with who she is (and whether that changes dependent on other people).

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