The Tall Owl: And Other Stories

This is a collection of 10 unusual, delightful short stories, which can all be read as standalone pieces, but read particularly poignantly one after the other as they play similarly with themes of love, guilt, shame and the very notion of human existence.

It’s wonderful to pick up on the threads and motifs throughout what, on the surface, are very different stories, told about very different characters.

I read and reviewed Colum Sanson Regan’s book for Buzz Magazine, and this is a snippet of the review: “While taking place on different continents with mostly dissimilar characters, there are threads that bind them: they all navigate the line between love and duty, and they subvert what we know to be reality with the kind of magical realism whose scope we are left to decide.”

BUY THE BOOK: Waterstones | Book Depository | Foyles | Amazon
Disclaimer: I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please get in touch if your preferred online platform is not listed here – I’ll see what I can do!

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