The Jigsaw Man

By Megan Thomas

I’m not sure you’d have guessed that this is Nadine Matheson’s crime thriller debut – it’s written with an attention to detail that you might expect from a veteran of the genre. But perhaps it’s this freshness that makes the story so compelling, with unexpected twists, turns and observations throughout.

The story follows DI Henley, who returns to the field after months on desk-duty after the arrest of Peter Olivier, AKA the Jigsaw Killer based on his stomach-churning methods for murder. Despite his arrest, and Olivier’s position behind bars, Henley suspects that he has something to do with the copycat murders which have resulted in dismembered bodies turning up across London. Olivier, on the other hand, is not going to let some amateur ruin the legacy he left behind.

This book is fast-paced and filled with juicy cliff-hangers, but Nadine was still able to develop the characters’ histories and relationships. They’re all fleshed out with the small but significant qualities which make us human, and I think that as the books keep coming and the story continues (which, as I understand it, is definitely the case), we will begin to consider these characters to be people we know personally. Be warned: there are times where the impulse to cover your eyes is particularly overwhelming, which can be a bit disruptive to the whole “reading” thing…

I interviewed Nadine on the podcast and video-show I co-founded, available here:

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