I Am Pilgrim

By Megan Thomas

It took a couple of years of seeing Terry Hayes’ debut novel on friends’ and family’s bedside tables before accepting that it may well be for a reason.

Usually, bulky books about secret agents really wouldn’t be my “thing” or preferred genre, but the more widely I read the more I find I don’t have preferred genres so much as preferred writing styles. By that criteria, this is exactly my thing. 

This book is hilarious without “telling” jokes and its complicated plot is expertly woven into bite-sized chapters to ensure there’s no risk of missing something. While there are obviously turning points and climaxes of information, this isn’t one of those books you need time to “get into”. It’s thrilling from the first page to the last and all the twists and turns in the middle.

BUY THE BOOK: Waterstones | Book Depository | Amazon
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