The Help

By Megan Thomas

I’m pretty sure everyone’s either read Kathryn Stockett’s novel, or at least seen the film adaptation with Emma Stone. I haven’t actually done the latter, but I loved the book. Well, I had whatever appropriate emotional variation of “love” one can have for a book set in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi. 

Injustice is a given when telling a story about white people who will hire “help” to raise their children but won’t let them use their bathroom. But this story does more than just portray injustice, it really unpacks it through the personalities of the three main narrators who, when stripped from their socio-political context, are strong, resilient, kind people who fight for what they believe in and care deeply. 

It deals with the emotional complexity of injustice’s tendrils: the way they dig themselves into the ground to make uprooting a near-impossible feat. 

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