A Right Royal Face-Off

By Megan Thomas

This is Simon Edge’s new novel and my most recent review for Buzz Magazine. It’s set on two timelines, following three narratives.

There’s the life of one of England’s most famous portrait painters, Thomas Gainsborough, and his rivalry with Sir Joshua Reynolds. Interspersed are letters sent home by David, one of Gainsborough’s servants. And finally, there’s the modern day, where a daytime TV production team are making a low budget antiques show called Britain’s Got Treasures, trying to work out whether the hideous painting they’ve received of Reynolds donning donkey ears is, as it has been claimed, a Gainsborough.

It’s funny and satirical with a running social commentary of both modern and 1700s Britain.

How does a theological thought-experiment sound to you, featuring a confused man from Hackney and God, on a trip down to earth? Simon Edge’s other novel, The Hurtle Of Hell, is well-worth a read.

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