Good Riddance

By Megan Thomas

My review of this fab Eye Lightening Books book is up on the Buzz Magazine website, rather than in print, due to obvious restrictions.

It follows the story of Daphne, who in a moment of “does this item spark joy” cleaning, decides to throw away the annotated yearbook her mother left her in her will. Only, a (truly annoying) neighbour fishes it out of the recycling bin and decides it will be the perfect centre-point for a documentary – which, naturally, makes Daphne want it back. It also leads to a few massive secrets spilling out in the process.


To quote from my Buzz review: “With Austenite themes of inheritance, strong but fallible characters, a traditional conflict-resolution structure and a satisfying denouement, Lipman has all the modern understanding of human interaction, dialogue and motivation, and a refreshing grasp of the screwball comedy’s need to be enjoyable without being 100% believable.”

BONUS INFO: Eye Lightening Books are running a special where if you buy one book full price, you can send another FREE to someone you know who’s self isolating. Alternatively, you can get a book from their website for 30% off.

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