Sydney to Seoul

By Megan Thomas

This is Masterchef’s very own John Torode’s recipe book, so I should hope you’ve not read it cover to cover (unless that’s a thing people do…?)

I realise I don’t usually post this type of book – other than when I was last fangirling over meeting Jamie Oliver for his Jamie’s Italy – but I’ve just started a new job, I’ve moved houses and I’ve not been doing much reading. I’m kinda nervous about my Goodreads Challenge, not going to lie.

But besides, spicing things up (literally, in this case, with South Korean flavours) is never a bad thing and I’m always looking for new recipe books to spend way too much money on and then use 4 recipes from – so there’s clearly a niche, right?

We crushed the Korean Army Stew from this book, which was the kind of dish you bravely take on but have absolutely no clue where it will go, given that ingredients include instant noodles, kimchi, gochujang and spam. It’s exciting to try new things, especially when you feel like you’ve made one too many spag bols for a while.

You can also see in this picture that my Hufflepuff mug is being put to work as a utensils holder – because, as it were, new job affects the rate at which you can decorate new house! Does anyone have any good recipe book recommendations? On my list at the moment are Jamie’s Veg (because he’s making some killer veggie meals on his new TV show at the moment and I want them all), as well Persiana, Sabrina Ghayor’s Middle Eastern recipes.

Oh and P.S. This is a signed copy for me and Robbie – his parents went to the launch and it is a happy member of our expansive autographed selection of two books, in counting.

BUY THE BOOK: Waterstones | Amazon
Disclaimer: I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please get in touch if your preferred online platform is not listed here – I’ll see what I can do!

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