Operation Sustainable Human

By Megan Thomas

For every book sold, 10 trees are planted. Do it.

I’m always in two minds about books on the climate crisis and even day-to-day politics, because I feel like in a world as rapidly changing as ours, you are better off reading regular news articles from reliable sources than literature. However, I also tend to find myself permanently in the dark about certain issues, because I don’t have enough base knowledge to know which articles I should be reading – or I find that a lot of it assumes you at least know the basics. So, consider this your “basics” guide to climate change – a springboard from which you can then engage in the topic with a scientifically-backed understanding of it.

It’s very clear and uncluttered without being overly simplistic or presumptuous. It helped me realign some myths I’d bought into – did you know that you could have a shower every day for a year and that would make up the amount of water required to produce just two pounds of beef at supermarket standard? Opting for a veggie burger just once is a YEAR’S worth of showers. This should not have been the first time I learnt that – everyone should know that. The book facilitated the kind of shift in perspective that everyone needs.

Thank you for this copy and for your scientific contributions, Chris MacDonald. This book was not made for profit and for every book sold, ten trees are planted (and one reader’s mind is expanded). It’s easy to read and it’s worth your time – it’s also inherently positive, inspiring action rather than being so overwhelming you feel ineffectual.

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