Welsh Saints On The Mormon Trail

Historical fiction of the Welsh Saints who made their way to Salt Lake City in the 1800s.

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year

By Megan Thomas This absolute highlight of an exhibition is on at the Natural History Museum and I highly recommend everyone in London (or close enough) go visit. If you can’t, then these portfolios are a great way to see all the photographs from the various years. This is a copy of 2019’s award, and…

Operation Sustainable Human

"[This book] is a straight-talking, clearly referenced, scientific guide. It will not pretend that the climate crisis is not all that bad nor will it propose that simply remembering to turn off the lightbulb is sufficient climate action. It will tell it like it is. And it will only offer action items that make a highly significant difference. No speculative theories. No time-wasting. No BS."