The Towering World of Jimmy Choo: Power, Profits and the Pursuit of the Perfect Shoe

By Megan Thomas

This business/fashion book is a thoroughly researched and insightful window into the sky-high world of the iconic Jimmy Choo brand, and the towering heels in which key figures like Tamara Mellon (nee Yeardye) took the brand to those heights.

The book covers an expansive timeline: from Jimmy Choo, the man, and his shoe warehouse in Hackney, to a brand swooped up by a young Tamara and a cast of fine-tuned business minds who ultimately pulled back the sling shot from which Jimmy Choo, the brand, would catapult.

The history is delivered so comprehensively, but without oversimplification. I was probably not the target market in mind when Bloomsbury published it: I know very little about luxury fashion (unless my yellow dungarees with bees on them counts), and even less about about business (I primarily work out what things are worth based on how many bags of Percy Pigs I could buy with the money, so the £185 million valuation of the company kind of broke my system). Yet I found it immensely interesting and consumable.


I think it’s the lack of pretension in the writing, combined with the non-patronising way in which key concepts are explained, that makes it so readable. That said, I have no doubt that there’s a whole other level of appreciation available for those who know the industries better – kind of like how the Shrek movies contain jokes for adults that fly over the kids’ heads. Yes, I did just find a way to compare a non-fiction retelling of the making of Jimmy Choo to Shrek. And it’s a compliment. Trust me.

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