Ghost Walk

By Megan Thomas

This is the new poetry collection from Sarah Wragg, and a suitably spooky read this Halloween season 🎃 

Each poem reflects the fleeting but tangible experience of ghosts – or rather, how the living perceive the dead – in a different way. In some, the imagery is that of traditional ghost stories, while in others there is a modern subversion, and many blend the two: of Kindles on ghost ships, ghostly forest walks by iPhone-light.

The question of why humans are so enamoured by ghosts or the idea of them is really fascinating to me, which really struck me in the poem Poltergeist Poultry. While making me laugh, the poem also evokes that same sentiment, and you’re forced to ask yourself… what would a dead chicken do to me that a live one wouldn’t?

Similarly to how ghost writers (sorry, I mean writers who write about ghosts…) like Shirley Jackson grapple with the human condition and the supernatural in equal measures, Sarah Wragg lets us decide what is real and what is fantastical.

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