Daisy Jones & The Six

By Megan Thomas

You have probably already read this as I write about it in October 2021 – I don’t know what took me so long when I’ve heard such good things. Especially when it ended up being better than I was expecting!

In retrospective interview style, we learn about a 70s rock band called The Six who team up with the effervescent singer-songwriter Daisy Jones to write an album that would make them one of the most adored rock groups of the era. With love, desire, drugs (so, so many drugs) and an unquestionable appreciation of music as the bedrock of the novel, an entire world is created and destroyed between bookends.

Fictional, but borrowing heavily from the whirlwind that was Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and the reckless excess of the era, Daisy Jones & The Six does what Dolly Alderton said it would on the cover – it’s SO FUN. It was exactly what I needed as my poolside read in Italy (although it didn’t last long the way I was hurtling through it).

Taylor Jenkins Reid expertly used the nature of memory to tell this story, sharing various band members’ perspectives and answers to questions, leaving us to pick out the truth somewhere in between their own versions of reality. Building characters and a reader relationship with those characters is not easy in this style, but Reid is clearly a natural. If you’d told me it was non-fiction, I’d have believed you. What did you think?

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