The Impossible Truths of Love

By Megan Thomas

Today is my stop on the Hannah Beckerman blog tour and I am so grateful to FMcM Associates for the opportunity to read and enjoy this book.

Things get impossibly sad rather quickly, and you’d think that would be jarring before you know the characters particularly well, but if anything this gaping window into their sorrow brings the characters closer to your heart by the time you reach the last page.

So much of what I loved about this book was the familial secrets and shadows of the past which continuously reveal themselves, so I won’t give away too much of the plot. But when Nell’s dad starts spilling secrets when in hospital, our journey alongside this strong, clever, passionate character formally begins.

This is a domestic drama which delicately navigates the nature of relationships, family and the complex intricacies of loss of all its varying kinds – loss of innocence, of loved ones and of our sense of who we are. But mostly, as the name suggests, this is a tribute to love and the lengths human beings will go to for the people they love.

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