"I was so preoccupied with the idea of losing my body, it had never occurred to me that I might lose my mind."


“What was once necessary appears inessential; what was taken for granted, unappreciated and abused now reveals itself to be central to our existence. Strange inversions proliferate. People find themselves applauding a national health service that their own government criminally underfunded and neglected these past ten years. People thank God for ‘essential’ workers they once considered lowly, who not so long ago they despised for wanting fifteen bucks an hour.”

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year

By Megan Thomas This absolute highlight of an exhibition is on at the Natural History Museum and I highly recommend everyone in London (or close enough) go visit. If you can’t, then these portfolios are a great way to see all the photographs from the various years. This is a copy of 2019’s award, and…