Bad Ideas\Chemicals

By Megan Thomas

Does the use of the backwards slash cause you as much discomfort as it causes me? Well, this slightly weird punctuation decision is arguably the most normal part of the book – it’s a good kind of weird, though. 

There’s a girl/alien who only wears an orange space suit (so she’s ready for when her parents pick her up from Earth); the NHS have a privatised system in which euthanasia is common-place and the process is performed by people on social benefits rather than doctors; and there’s a locally-made drug called GOTE that everyone’s addicted to. It’s all set in a fictitious town called Goregree that’s an unfinished hole on the Welsh/English border. It was somewhat reminiscent for me of A Clockwork Orange – short, sharp and powerful, but something I won’t necessarily read a second time.

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