Mostyn Thomas And The Big Rave

By Megan Thomas

This festive issue of Buzz Magazine not only features my review of Richard Thomas’ debut novel, but also an interview I was lucky enough to conduct with him.

Here’s a snippet or two:

It’s staggeringly Welsh, showing the inner rumblings of life in Pembrokeshire and more specifically, of the tough time had by farmers in the 90s. Mostyn owns a cattle farm and is in some serious financial trouble, which only gets worse when he tries to keep on top of it with a not-so-sound loan. […] Jethro, who is in drug-related trouble himself, needs money and suggests they organise a big rave on Mostyn’s farm – Lewistock. […] Williams delves into the dark, twisted, and sometimes hilariously ridiculous world of drugs, desperation and rave culture. All of this, somehow, without ever being too morbid. 

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