The Goldblum Variations

By Megan Thomas

It’s so ludicrously fantastic. It’s a collection flash fictions that are very much not the actual but an excellent imagining of the multiple lives of Jeff Goldblum – in our world as well as alternative universes, like in a world where Jeff Goldblum is your pink corduroy jacket. I told you it was ludicrous.

There are sections with Goldblum as moods, or with him in different professions, or him as a guest on an end-of-days cooking show. Give it a read, it is tiny and it took me max an hour to get through. Get a look into the unverified, unauthorised, untrue (in this universe, at least) life of the one, the only, the exceptionally meme-able: Jeff Goldblum. 

BUY THE BOOK: Waterstones | Book Depository | Amazon
Disclaimer: I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please get in touch if your preferred online platform is not listed here – I’ll see what I can do!

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