Palm Sized Press: Volume 1

By Megan Thomas

If not, do yourself a favour. It is mainly a flash fiction anthology, though the end pages include some awesome non-fiction articles.

Flash fiction is so hard to come by given modern publishing trends, and this selection is top class! Flash fiction is quite a unique reading experience, as the writer has a limited time to paint you a miniature yet fully functioning and detailed world. These are often delightfully twisted, too, because when you have so few words to work with, you’ve got to pick them really carefully.

With undeniable bias, my favourite is Sprouting by a friend of mine and founder of Talking Ink Podcast – a flash fiction podcast. Her story is a tantalising one in which her character discovers sprouts growing from her eye lids. The second element of the book are non-fiction pieces on writing and self-sabotage. The illustrations throughout by Daniel Shaffer are fantastic, too. These are the perfect Christmas stocking size – coincidence?

Disclaimer: I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please get in touch if your preferred online platform is not listed here – I’ll see what I can do!

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