How Love Actually Ruined Christmas (Or Colourful Narcotics)

By Megan Thomas

I’ll be interviewing author Gary Raymond on my new podcast and video show Babble this month. I was going to post this closer to Christmas because good lord why were the Christmas Percy Pigs out before we’d even had Halloween, but I actually want everyone to know about it now so you can start buying it for Christmas presents. The ole Christmas jersey had to be pulled out for this one.

As we get closer to the season finale of America, and 2020’s plot is one polar bear attack away from being not wholly dissimilar to the chaos of the last season of Lost, this hilariously scathing scene-by-scene analysis of Love Actually and why Gary Raymond hates it is exactly what everyone needs.

I’m not sure I have ever considered Love Actually to be something that I actually loved (ha), or more just a part of a Christmas routine (even though, as Gary rightfully points out, it’s not even really about Christmas). Either way, I struggled to disagree with a single point made about some of the totally outrageous elements of this film (and frankly unacceptable treatment of its female characters), a lot of which you register but don’t internalise when you’re subdued by the “colourful narcotics” which lull us into the viewing-bliss that is Hugh Grant’s voice in that airport terminal.

I spent most of the time reading it stopping to read extracts out loud to whoever was close to me at the time, so I’ll do the same to you. This one made me giggle and will be particularly relevant this Christmas given how many land mine topics will be available for dinner-table discussion (provided Christmas doesn’t get cancelled that is):

The reason Mark is doing this is because Christmas is the time when people are supposed to tell the truth. Where Curtis has come up with this from, I’m not certain. […] In fact, all I have found is evidence for the opposite. Christmas should be a time where people keep their opinions to themselves so as not to ruin Christmas.

How Love Actually Ruined Christmas (Or Colourful Narcotics)

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